21 Mobile AI Apps You Won’t Believe Are Free


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    For music there is also Suno and udio.

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    Thanks for the information.

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    I’ve tried a few of these apps such as motionleap and videoleap a year or two ago & the free versions were very limited. I see they’re adding more free features, which is great! Thanks for the video!

  • @as-1982 on May 5, 2024

    Very resourceful, thank you. It would be more interesting if you could show free AI apps on Desktop in the future.

  • @clerooth on May 5, 2024

    Notion is in your thumbnail but I dont think its in the video at all. Also socratic by google is not available on android.

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    Very helpful-thanks!

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    Amazing info saved me a lot of search… arch search we only have android

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    what are you afraid of AI for? are you afraid that it's going to take over your world? are you afraid that it's going to take over your military?

    relax, Israel has been using AI for the last 7 months to help determine militant from civilian. that explains why all the bombs managed to hit the churches, the schools, the hospitals, the relief centers, the refugee camps, and the safe access Convoy lines. Israeli military AI can tell the difference between a building and a militant, and bomb both.

    you guys are sitting over here in the west ringing your hands trying to decide whether or not AI is going to be used to steal your data, over it Israel it's being used to turn innocent children into corpses.

    can I get a hallelujah?

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    Thank you from California! Appreciate all your hard work. Stay safe

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    What Tool are you using to generate your thumbnails? They are very engaging.

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    Very good 👍!! Thanks 😊

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    I used pi and perplexity both are good

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    वीडियो बस बढ़िया बा ।

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    Kind of interesting to see what free options are out there and what is being worked on but most of this is available if you just buy a Samsung phone.

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    1. Spotify – for streaming music and creating playlists
    2. Google Maps – for navigation and finding locations
    3. Instagram – for sharing photos and videos
    4. WhatsApp – for messaging and calling
    5. Netflix – for streaming movies and TV shows
    6. Headspace – for meditation and mindfulness practices
    7. Uber – for ride-sharing services
    8. MyFitnessPal – for tracking diet and exercise
    9. Adobe Lightroom – for editing photos
    10. Duolingo – for learning languages. 11:12 11:14 11:14

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    thank you so much! Also Undetectable AI is one of the websites that can clearly help you to bypass ai detectors

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    All of them are on app store

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    Hi, Matt,

    Got a question about MyMind.

    When I share a link ( facebook reel) to MyMind, MyMind save the link. But I can not view the video, it requires re-login to facebook. Have you experienced this kind of issue before ?

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    Just saying all the Leap apps, you don't get what you've shown like the hidden face for free, that and most of the features are all blocked until you pay.

    With the VideoLeap one all of those features you've mentioned like removing backgrounds and where the video does the ai change throughout the clip, is all paid not free.

    I believe you knew this and that's why you chose panorama, cause that's the only one for free on the app in that group.

    Just seems like you are selling snake oil tbh, "Oh look at this apps, the free versions are still great you get all of this features still". When unfortunately you don't.

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    Is socratic available for Android ?

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    I love it!! Thank you….. totally awesome. Thank you 🙏

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    Great learning video

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    We're going to start bumping into people who seem far more intelligent on-line than in R/L

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    Of all the disappointments that I found, was that you shared apple links, not android sound.",
    "In this tale of digital delight, a misstep occurred in the tech links you write.",
    "The bitter truth that I must convey, is the apple links shared, not android's bright ray.

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    This guy tested tonnes and tonnes of AI apps, so he is about 900 years old now😂

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    20:12 oh the cuts are damn obvious alright

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    At 3:27 .. is that a dancing 🍆 over your shoulder?! 😹

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    Thanks for the synopsis. Now I have to go and examine them closer. . .

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    Are there any Medical Ai apps? eg exray. Ai Doctor Asistant.Night Nurse.

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    So, which one was the best ?

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    So vest is to create an AI that zaps out all A I

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    Character ai is not what it seems… 💀. Who agrees?