• @KimberlyLemon on March 15, 2024

    People will always want to create. Adobe allows this w so many avenues. It's industry standard.. that alone makes it hard to fail. Hate the price though.

  • @2023gainer on March 15, 2024

    Fisker rises 14 % to pull the EV higher Friday. Ocean Suv EVs still making waves in Europe and North America. Ford also reported strong E- Lightning sales… Rivian has new EVs in the pipeline. Global EV sales increasing again above prior year each year.

  • @AnamarieJensen-rt5fi on March 15, 2024

    You need to khosla AI technology robots business companies sam alman to united states of america and arounds the world's for doin and you are non allowed non profits khosla business economy AI technology cuz f you are stolen for ideas blue print to elon musk

  • @carlmazziotti221 on March 15, 2024

    I love adobe but no moat. I got destroyed today. Im concerned long term their base will erode as a result of instant ai edits. I lost 3/4 my gains in a few hours today. Not happy.

  • @mrobinson on March 16, 2024

    Caroline not only looks lovely & perfect but she also got that female microsoft president who should have used co-pilot to predict the tough questions given her which she failed woefully like any stereotypically unintelligent females who got her big position via diversity bs. Well done Caroline, she was going by rote till the tough one came. Reminds me of the time I took down a Microsoft Dynamics presenter at a board I headed. So luv Caroline right now❤❤

  • @RZH2023 on March 16, 2024

    MSFT won’t make money on AI because copilot sucks. Very few people would want it.

  • @RZH2023 on March 17, 2024

    MSFT is dishonest, totally ignored internal whistleblower’s warnings that Copilot generated a lot of garbage on simple prompts. GOOG seems to be the more responsible and conservative one who put much more guardrails in the chatbot. As I said when this thing started, no one will care about OpenAI and Copilot in about 2 years. They don’t have better technology, they are just more brazen in their release and marketing. Time will prove that I am right.

  • @HarryFount on March 17, 2024

    What Bitcoin "Industry" is he talking about. Any Bitcoin has no value. It generates no revenue and you can't make anything with it. It's about delusional people investing in NOTHING.

  • @anderbeau on March 17, 2024

    How much weed does that dude smoke?! Geez 😂

  • @jaspm on March 18, 2024

    Coinbase husbandddd? 😍