• @50086gt on March 9, 2024

    So now we know they’re real

  • @TheWaterlily2012 on March 9, 2024

    They know they are lying their butts off. There ARE most definitely ETs. We really should be collectively putting it out there to them to fix this mess going on here and in Europe. We have to ask so they'll help.

  • @lummysdad on March 9, 2024

    Don't you commentators have any common sense? Use your brains!
    Do you think aliens travel tens of thousands of years to just follow our airplanes around? With no stealth technology? Unless they wanted to be seen. If so, why not hover over the big cities like in the movies? Why would they want to come here? What's so special about this planet? Why would we panic of we found out they were here? They didn't wipe us out or enslave us. Plenty of other planets closer for mining. Plus before any beings have the technology to travel here they would have annihilated themselves.
    They ARE out there. They just haven't been here. They never come here. Maybe they will communicate with us eventually.

  • @lummysdad on March 9, 2024

    I should have said commenters not commentators.

  • @turkeykaiser on March 9, 2024

    Pentagon reveals truth, angry sexless nerds in denial.

  • @FairyMoonTarot on March 9, 2024

    Just more LIES

  • @craigostopovich4860 on March 9, 2024


  • @ajlacostewm on March 9, 2024

    You have to remember the closest star that has planets around it is 300 light years away .
    The odds that they would find our planet among the trillions of stars in the galexy, is astronomical , you have a better chance of winning the lotery 10 times in a row.

  • @1132sweetie on March 9, 2024

    Not to be confuse with the millions of Illegal Aliens flowing feely across the border looking for the Free Everything the dems promised them,…

  • @ZeroGravityLife on March 9, 2024

    Well, there you have it. Trust the government.

  • @ZeroGravityLife on March 9, 2024

    The Pentagon has turned into Karine Jean Pierre

  • @Jerry-yn3lo on March 9, 2024

    🛸 🐸🚬 ✌️

  • @zed316 on March 9, 2024

    We needed the Pentagon to tell us this? 😂

  • @zed316 on March 9, 2024

    This is the outcome of the big Disclosure movement and the conclusion is that was nothing to disclose after all.

  • @lovermansmith9082 on March 9, 2024

    Are they gonna give back the funding ? Suckers 😊

  • @reinhardtnilsson7360 on March 9, 2024

    Yeah .. so we are just supposed to believe the government when all the do is lie to us .. there is so much physical and video proof that they are lying . Leave it to NY Post to give in to the pentagon so they can keep there reporting credentials to report on Ukraine from the pentagon spokes whole..
    a big F U to NY Post and those “debunker “ videos they release.

  • @ThatOneStuff on March 9, 2024

    I believe them.

  • @guymerritt4860 on March 9, 2024

    Is this a joke? I've had an enormous, silent, triangle 80-foot above my head (MANY witnesses – this was on a an interstate freeway in 1994) and the thing was not "one of ours". One of the people who had the guts to sit around and watch the thing said it eventually shot straight up like a bullet….and the thing was enormous. Millions of people have seen this stuff. Since when did we start believing the Pentagon????? In this case millions of us know, with certainty, they the government is lying. Nobody is buying this story, guys.

  • @johnpoppenhusen4178 on March 9, 2024

    Yeah, right.

  • @happyhunter on March 9, 2024


  • @johnpoppenhusen4178 on March 9, 2024

    What about the implants that have been found and are being studied ?

  • @conr2141 on March 10, 2024

    “OJ Simpson confirms he didn’t do it after all”..

  • @yuvrajkumbhar2831 on March 10, 2024

    Fake narrative.. the worlds waking upp❤

  • @Nrsesand1 on March 10, 2024

    The pentagon lies! It’s our government who made these space ships. This is how they abduct people. They are evil.

  • @TheSayanTurtle on March 10, 2024

    🤡 disinformation

  • @brucenipper7178 on March 10, 2024

    An alien is currently running the Oval Office

  • @Johnny.Brahvo on March 10, 2024

    If it’s not aliens then that means it’s us right? So where’s the crafts in the video doing mechanically impossible maneuvers? Exactly.

  • @besstonbridge8803 on March 11, 2024

    Because the pentagon said so😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • @anonymousanonymous2720 on March 12, 2024

    "Trust me bro, there's no aliens, seriously bro like for real, trust me bro"


  • @purevanilla2343 on March 13, 2024

    It’s a joke that news outlets like this barley cover any of the legislation that’s passed or the hearings that have taken place. Not to mention the inconspicuous behavior of certain politicians and government groups. Yet they instantly cover a poorly sourced, rushed to print report, from an organization acting as judge, jury and executioner to its self (DOD).

    “unbiased coverage” 😅🤡 You’re not even hiding your biases anymore, clowns.

  • @Gamer-dude247 on March 14, 2024

    If the pentagon was talking about the lockness monster , then sure, why not, one dodgy picture of an eel like animal and a handful of sightings, sure, looks fake and the stories have holes, yeah why not, i would agree it's all fakery and misidentification, but to say Travis Walton, Jesse Marcel, the entire people of Roswell, Bob Lazar, betty and barney Hill, mass sightings from school kids over the world, pilots, police, presidents and more are all liars or have active imaginations or misidentified what they saw is just disgusting behaviour.

  • @bartman7144 on March 20, 2024

    DoD isn’t going to tell the truth about UFOs or Aliens. They just don’t have it in them.

  • @davidgonlatcom2210 on April 18, 2024

    Steven Greenstreet create this?