Chinas NEW Humanoid Robot SETS WORLD RECORDS! (Unitree V3)


  • @chrislong3938 on March 4, 2024

    0:40 – He still looks like he has a serious problem of the runs and needs to get to a bathroom, only he's in a bigger hurry than most others

    Why can't they just get a robot to stand tall?!? Seems like it would be easy enough at this stage of the game!

  • @fdjw88 on March 4, 2024

    The pricing for H2, the humanoid robot was already out, about a few days ago, it starts at 90,000 USD.

  • @kentuckyproproductions1624 on March 4, 2024

    People shouldn’t trust any Chinese robot.

  • @DailyTuna on March 4, 2024

    Surprising, almost shocking!😂

  • @DailyTuna on March 4, 2024

    I will be concerned is when they can survive a roundhouse kick from Chuck Norris.

  • @DailyTuna on March 4, 2024

    Do they have the head off the robot purposely so that the robot doesn’t remember who kicks em?

  • @Cracor1 on March 4, 2024

    CGI. Could not run in that position. Yet more Chinese propaganda.

  • @oskarjawornik6342 on March 4, 2024

    China does not set any records

  • @ziad_jkhan on March 4, 2024

    State supported AI tyranny making baby steps

  • @DJChesley on March 4, 2024

    I believe the humanoids still goes for between $75,000-100,000. The robot dog comes in multiple versions, the wind shown here is not 1600.00 it's more expensive. And why does it look like stop motion photography? Anyone else think that?

  • @stevedars1234 on March 4, 2024

    The C.C.P. is licking their chops thinking of the police state applications of AI robotics. As if that country wasn't dystopian enough already. And I'm sure the west won't be far behind.

  • @user-ry5cj6if1z on March 4, 2024

    If it cant cry- it doesn't have feeling. It cant show empathy. yeah nah- tin can

  • @brianjay9811 on March 4, 2024

    Most of your initial example scenes were shown at double or triple speed. One tell is after the man jumps with the robot, though he attempts to stand perfectly still, you can see his hand shutter forward and back very quickly. I've caught Boston Dynamics cheating this way, and so one can assume that many others do it too…

  • @santheebank on March 5, 2024

    RIP Felon Musk beta self driving and robot attemp.. This is Shoking me alot

  • @chuzzbot on March 5, 2024

    Did you not see the Boston dynamics bots from like ten years ago taking kicks?

  • @Juefawn on March 5, 2024

    Dancing, factory work, basic placement of products and office items, in home usage, and lastly war bots, are all the usages I can envision.

  • @Betonoszlop on March 5, 2024

    This looks straight horrifying. Do you fear your jobs now?

  • @maratbagautdinov3427 on March 5, 2024

    Wait till the first AGI watches those "stability checking" videos…

  • @jameswilson5165 on March 5, 2024

    Edited from the video: The Right Hook, the robot gave the tormenting human.

  • @jameswilson5165 on March 5, 2024

    How cold and lonely the elderly will be in the rest homes of the future.

  • @MrDGotcha on March 5, 2024

    The answer to ALL your questions is: of course! Or Duh…. You choose. Decent video but could have been 3 min long with the same content.

  • @ArchieMcGeoch on March 5, 2024

    I remember the crud prototypes of robots when I was a kid and it almost felt hopeless to make it fully realized. And yet here we are now. This is inspiring.

  • @CT2507 on March 5, 2024

    Once they learn to couple self learning AI to these robots, they are gonna jump around better than any gymnast! And then science truly will become the new religion of this world.

  • @breannestahlman5953 on March 5, 2024

    If they build bots as reliable as their buildings or their concrete, then just run away as fast as possible ! ! !
    Run Forest, run ! ! !

  • @JasemMutlaq on March 5, 2024

    This dog robot is giving off "Black Mirror" nightmare episode vibes.

  • @cosmicaug on March 6, 2024

    The best thing about the Chinese robot dogs is the 8 inch floppy drive on the left side!


  • @dimitrimoonlight on March 6, 2024

    Its future cop😂

  • @TurtleFootMining on March 8, 2024

    Gotta love 🇨🇳 and how far they have surpassed American Technology ❤

  • @user-vi3ne4ci3z on March 9, 2024


  • @roycemcdougal9842 on March 14, 2024

    These are the future.

  • @peterpipe9015 on March 14, 2024

    Looks like stop motion animation

  • @patelkrunal311 on March 16, 2024

    Looks like Boston Dynamics had a hack and someone stole all their IP

  • @rricniel on March 16, 2024

    Yup and Humanoid will become a discriminatory word.

  • @rricniel on March 16, 2024

    As Bruce Lee famously once said, "boards don't hit back"

  • @Fuz2yman on March 16, 2024

    I would buy a bunch, like 10-20 of them, to make a path through a crowded street 😀 Walk down like a super villain lmao, 32k well spent hahaha

  • @48dj3ikd on March 19, 2024

    Dude, it's sped up. Everything out of China is always for propaganda purposes and is over exaggerated

  • @BuioPestato on March 19, 2024

    some of the videos look like cgi to me, may be wrong

  • @barrycheetham1216 on March 21, 2024

    Have these people not seen Terminator? This is how it starts it will all end in tears lol

  • @varundurge on March 23, 2024


  • @YesMe-dw7pj on March 28, 2024

    All with short battery life

  • @stephenEs3532 on April 20, 2024

    you will not win this one chinamen HUEHUEHUE