• @allinballsout1 on April 12, 2024

  • @marcfuchs6938 on April 13, 2024

    For somebody not being associated with the German language, props for a pretty good pronunciation of a pretty hard German word.

    And as a German, I had no idea a whole state ditched Windows. It's awesome, I can only hope, they stick to it and that it may expand over more parts of the country.

  • @LinkRammer on April 13, 2024

    Who even cares? Nobody uses Gemini anyway. It's garbage compared to bing.

  • @kwsim539 on April 14, 2024

    Putting the background comment on its own live mic removes the best part of the background comment and is now creepy because there is this ghost voice that comes into the scene.

  • @danielmapulanga9894 on April 15, 2024

    A tv pausing so that I can see ads? There's a fatal flaw in that plan…me not buying it.

  • @hugheszie on April 16, 2024

    Just what microsoft needs for users to make the push towards Bing.

  • @GillesAusGrevenmacher on April 17, 2024

    Wer ist dieser Schleswig und warum soll er einen Stein holen?

  • @_varianta007 on April 18, 2024

    Google should take the time to actually make decent ai like chat gpt and not crappy bard or Gemini. Is funny how they are thinking how to monetize their pwp way before making something that’s actually worth paying.

  • @Tony-nt5zd on April 21, 2024

    Google can pay me to not intentionally force-feed information into their AI to make it worse.

  • @HelenaOfDetroit on April 21, 2024

    Bit surprised Nothing didn't call their earbuds "To see hear"

    Because there truly is nothing to see here. All the interesting parts of an earbud are what you hear. And if we're gonna go with goofy naming conventions then it might as well be a joke.

  • @kaio0777 on April 21, 2024

    iRobot is real soon where is will smith when you need him?

  • @user-to4fm9gq9t on April 22, 2024

    thats because there are not many ppl involved in the web scraping anymore the AI is out in the wild collecting whatever it can get to without being stopped by a paywall.

  • @ShaighJosephson on April 27, 2024

    Google and Microsoft need to be boycotted out of existence… 💥

  • @pacthesir on April 30, 2024

    That's why I don't use stupid AI…

  • @KipIngram on May 1, 2024

    I'm really happy about Germany's efforts to ditch Microsoft.

  • @festro1000 on May 1, 2024

    They've been promising relevant ads for years, it was the main selling point for them to harvest "big data" to feed into their algorithms, I still feel cheated.

  • @Ajv516 on May 4, 2024

    Based on my understanding of history, every major technological innovation we’ve adopted results in some form of new pollutants (environmental, social, etc)

    “AI” will be no different.

  • @puppetbirds on May 4, 2024


  • @cyxceven on May 10, 2024

    When I use AI search, it's like getting worse results on top of already awful results. Why pay for a worse experience?

  • @babygorilla4233 on May 13, 2024

    Wow i can pay money to make google results even worse? Great idea.

  • @TheSonyExperience on May 16, 2024

    I just bought two EVs. My wife and I just got a Genesis GV70. Combined $40K in rebates from Genesis and the government were given on the two cars. EV's work if you have the right setup. I live in Texas and work remotely. My wife works around the corner. Level 1 charging in the garage works for us, and we have fast charging all over. I can see why a lot of people would want to get one, but their life don't align with it. I dont understand the candid shots of the LFA though lol