Even Mark Tapes His Webcam – Should We?


  • @elymanic3497 on February 19, 2024

    The NSA exist

  • @1NexusOne on February 19, 2024

    This video deserves more views!

  • @christopher9727 on February 19, 2024

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    Mark 1.15

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    2 Peter 3:9

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  • @mcchristenson on February 20, 2024

    Mark putting tape over his webcam is a bit different then us doing it. We are nobody's and he has a real concern for stuff getting out to the public.

  • @joebazooks on February 20, 2024

    Solid showing by speed

  • @IamPyu-v on February 20, 2024

    Doesn't matter. I use GNU/Linux (btw) and my camera drivers are not working.

  • @otrab1080 on February 20, 2024

    It's not in the best interest of Chinese big tech to follow their own privacy policies. It's in their best interest to do whatever the CCP asks them to do.

  • @V0ID_beats on February 21, 2024

    Doesn't like the taste of his own medicine huh?

  • @jgarbo3541 on February 21, 2024

    You don't tape your webcam??

  • @jgarbo3541 on February 21, 2024

    China's way behind the US in surveillance. US spies have been at it for decades.

  • @TheBruceKeller on February 22, 2024

    Even Mark buys up his whole neighborhood and has a large security team and wears the same outfit every day but it's with a $300 grey t-shirt – Should We?

  • @garrettrinquest1605 on February 22, 2024

    Using Zoom as the example here is kinda funny. They were caught recording audio of people when the Zoom app was supposedly closed. They even lost a class action lawsuit about it.

    Thus even the official version of Zoom is the malware you are talking about.

  • @MrGeforcerFX on February 22, 2024

    I don't use the webcam at all on my laptops so i just open them up and physically disconnect them, usually gets the built in mics as well. Did the same to my last two phones, opened them and removed the front facing camera.

  • @kevinsmall5232 on February 22, 2024

    I tape mine because its better than not having it taped…during covid it was a must for online classes as no one wanted an accident in class when the webcam came on.

  • @Devious_Reviews on February 23, 2024

    I'm a living advertisement for birth control. Tape over all of my laptops is for their protection, not mine. If someone's somehow dicking around in my network and does a low profile webcam peek and my shirt is off… then maybe they'll need that stolen money from someone's grandma to spend on therapy.

  • @tanman12 on February 23, 2024

    Why are you acting like Edward Snowden didn't blow the lid off this whole thing already? We know the government tracks and watches you… you don't have to wonder

  • @NISHUGARVU on February 24, 2024

    7:50 either you don't consider USA as democracy which has done every horrific crime against his Citizens including Mass surveillance or you don't know anything about INDIA.
    So which is it?

  • @--Singularity-- on February 25, 2024

    No you shouldn´t. Simulation can use it against you.
    Are you mimicing reptiles too.

  • @JustennWolfe on February 25, 2024

    I encourage everyone to tap their webcam and or unplug it. Oh and disable the microphone on your Roku TVs.

  • @thelastninja4825 on February 25, 2024

    thats not where he works, trust me

  • @Randomynous01 on February 28, 2024

    DuckDuckgo is not very private there is an article about that..

  • @Daniel_VolumeDown on February 28, 2024

    Tbh. the question that I had in mind while watching this video wasn't answered. Most (I hope) laptops have small light that indicates when video is recording (but probably there is no indication when only audio (microphone) is recorded). Is there a way to hacker to get around this? Also, in new versions of android, always when app uses webcam or microphone there is icon in corner that indicates that. And while I guess app that have system level permissions would probably be able to bypass that, the question is if it is possible to normal apps to use microphone or camera without you noticing (although probably apps can be smart and only start recording when phone is blocked so you can't see this)?

  • @b1-66er. on March 2, 2024

    Zuk is worth billions, hatchers will try to get to him.
    We have nothing to worry about. 😅

  • @ElonHusky on March 4, 2024

    So if you don't cover webcam its your problem I already doing this even before mark

  • @Karyabs on March 5, 2024

    How do you tape up a Ring camera though? I guess Mark doesn't have one at home

  • @bupechikonde1917 on March 6, 2024

    The government watching this video

  • @tobybartlett8449 on March 7, 2024

    No risk in putting tape over your camera. There is risk not covering it. Especially if you run a multi billion dollar company. At best, we are only as secure as the next vulnerability we don’t know about yet.

  • @davidsenra2495 on March 13, 2024

    He is Mark Zuckerberg, there are a lot of reasons why someone would want to hijack his webcam and monitor him/get info from him.

    Now explain why would anyone want to access that from the bunch of nobodies spewing conspiracy theories in the comments. I'll wait.

  • @PlayingWithWilson on March 18, 2024

    You can watch me get off i don't mind but I got no money and no one knows me but you people

  • @wemelkuan on March 26, 2024

    But its ok when hes the one watching through people’s webcams to sell their data.

  • @alexisdamnit9012 on March 29, 2024

    Mark Zuckerberg has more reason than the average Joe to take extra security precautions. He’s the CEO of a multibillion dollar company 🤡

  • @HemstitchedIrony on April 8, 2024

    Mark also doesn't post his children's faces online, including his own platforms, if the CEO of social media essentially doesn't post his kids on social media, you probably shouldn't either lol