Here’s America’s Fastest Jet You’ve Never Seen Before


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  • @Workerbee-zy5nx on February 1, 2024

    I see 2 different aircraft, a jet and a tr3b ufo hover craft..I hope at some point I actually see something viable.

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  • @michaellooney1089 on February 4, 2024

    I first heard of 'Aurora' in September 1992. Did you know the SR-71 was meant to be named RS-71, but the then President misnamed it at its launch date!

  • @JeremyMartinez on February 7, 2024

    I’m happy to see this thing existed. I remember seeing a triangular ship like this in the sky above the San Gabriel Valley probably about 1989 or 1990. It was nighttime and I remember three lights in a triangular pattern very high in the sky. Its movements seemed different than a normal aircraft, so I thought it might be a ufo. It moved similarly to the triangular ship in the video, the way it seems to float. Anyway, I’m glad to see that this was likely something real and not my imagination. It wouldn’t be the last time strange lights were seen in the LA night sky, with Edwards and Vandenberg Air Bases nearby. My grandfather actually worked in the Lockheed Skunk Works building the SR-71, which he couldn’t even tell his family about until years later.

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    Sono prove che governo collaborazione con alieni non autorizzato trattati stellari Voltron

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    🤴 🌎 🕊️ 🪐 🦅 🇧🇱 🤺 🚁 🎗️ 🧭 🗺️ 🚙 💼 🚓 🗾 🛩️ 🗾 ✈️ 🏯 📡 🛰️ 🚥 🏰 🚔 🐺 ⛩️ 🕋

  • @WVMOTH on February 15, 2024

    It was originally called RS 71 but President Johnson mispronounced it SR 71, Curtiss Lemay didn't think it was appropriate to correct the President and liked the SR for Strategic Reconnaissance.

  • @user-ts6yn1ib6i on February 17, 2024

    คุณยาย เลก้า ทำนายรัซเซียจะได้เป้นเจ้าโลก คุนยายคนนี้ทำนายไม่เคยผิด

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    If you think this is cool..

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    İkaz ediyorum!!! Aurora Kürtçedir! Kürtçe kullanmak yasaktır!!!

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    bse is that you cant find out tehnology for hipersonic racket,now you fly with hypersonic plane 5.2+ mach ???

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    нет америки и нет никаких самолетов ))))

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    деньги на НАСА вовсю используются на совершенно новые изобретения, а людям показывают всякие глупости.

  • @juanserna2800 on March 5, 2024

    Creo que hay aviones mucho más rápidos y mejores que ese y no son Estadounidenses

  • @dimoichi5841 on March 6, 2024

    You all saw the concept mock up in the newest TopGun movie and they called it the DarkStar SR-91 Hypersonic Recon Aircraft.

  • @THEDOCTOR-ff6gh on March 7, 2024

    It's hard to trust a computer talking, Are people getting that lazy ?

  • @thomasschweiger8282 on March 9, 2024

    ich weis das schon längst das es die aurora gibt, das ist ja schon voll alt. man hat das flugzeug mal auf einem träger fotograviert und dann wieder vertuscht und das wahr vor jahren schon.

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    Funny …

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    Nagy kacsa!

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    Dommage que ces gens utilise leurs intelligence pour créer une telle merde de destruction… jamais nous n en sortirons….tuer..tuer…tuer….bon maintenant quoi de mieux pour cacher un OVNI,..vous divulguer une information comme celle-là…un OVNI entre deux avions de chasse qui eux font un bruit du diable…vous n entendez bien sûr pas l OVNI qui lui reste silencieux.. comme tous les OVNIs…et voilà presse a coup de com a annoncé que c était un avions de chasse dernière génération escorté par deux avions de chasse par sécurité… tout le monde est tombé dans le panneau…des rusés ces militaires…cons,mais rusés..😊

  • @Luiz-pt2bf on March 19, 2024

    Si lo he visto antes , no hay pruebas contundentes de que esté avión exista , rumores!!

  • @arthurzettel6618 on March 19, 2024

    We have our own Black Triangle.
    Extraterrestrials have their own Black Tiangle.
    Both have the same capabilities in performance and weapons.
    Now, Spaceforce makes sense.

  • @FrankRigsby-tl5zw on March 24, 2024

    Will it outrun a tic tac?….I doubt it

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    AI voice sucks!

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    The UFO-

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    Самолет смогли а ракету не могут сделать , что пи@деть то . Аврора гипер пипер 😂

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    No i macie swoje ufo.

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    Jajajaja no pueden hacer un misil hipersonico que ya poseen los norcoreanos

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    That's one of the famous UFO

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    Joe Biden poops his pants!