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    What about ZFS-on-root

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    Linus Tech Tips, This is amazing! I subscribed right away!

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    Yeah I’m paying for my build cuz F that this way too much nerd for my sanity

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    AMAZIIING WORK… thanks for this

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    So good to see emily happy!

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    This is basically a reupload

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    I’m so pumped I just got the last component I needed in the mail today and I’m gonna watch this before I build tonight. I’m 28 and I’m gonna pull the first all-nighter since the release of Skyrim 🎉

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    this is great! every year every last guide that is up to date

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    I love the cases where everything on the frame/chassis is toolless. Being able to take the case apart without any tools and have either thumb screws or just hinges/tabs that slide off.

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    I was able to assemble and set up my first PC without trouble, thanks LTT

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    I just bought the MSI Z790 PROJECT ZERO ATX Motherboard… watching this made me think how tf am i going to test bench it lol

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    What would be a good build for a music studio?

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    Great guide and really helped with my first build. One tip though – Insert the USB 3 cable to the motherboard before you install and screw down the MB. As pointed out it is incredibly easy to mash the pins on this connection so inserting first will avoid this. I mashed mine but luckily was able to straighten successfully. There’s a big warning in the video but doing this first will avoid the issue. Otherwise really comprehensive and easy to follow.

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    So what I’m hearing is I’ll never be able to build a pc because it’s too complicated and expensive

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    I build my current pc in 2017 with a 1080 and a ryzen 5 1600 and now I searched for a video like this because I couldn't run horizon forbidden west without lag. This PC was very worth it I played so much and also some high end games, but now I am at point where I don't play as much video games so I am not shure if its worth it just for one game. Anybody have some advice on wheather it is a good time to buy a pc right now or should I wait?

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    How the Hell does one insert the 24-pin connector. I've seen people say to put all of your force in but it looks like I'm gonna snap my motherboard

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    playing this at 0.75 speed, last time i built a pc was in 2014

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    1:44:13 Be patient and just use a gentle up and down motion 👀

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    I have i5 7640x x series 16gb ram 3200mhz then msi motherboard rtx2060 oc gigabyte. 750 watt power supply and 4 tb storeage. And I only use it to surf on internet discord daw and war thunder thats it so its more than good. But gonna upgrade my motherboard cpu and watercooling later this year 🙂 so I am upto date. Thanks Linus glad to see u again

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    Thanks for the mention of PCIe lanes on the CPU and motherboard. After seeing this and doing some focused research, I just saved a bunch of money on a motherboard upgrade that would’ve been very disappointing due to the additional PCIe x16 slots I really wanted really only support 1x lanes via the chipset.

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    For me I do multiple different things with a computer not just one thing and each "program" requires something different some stuff needs huge amount of CPU cores and Ram some programs needs really strong GPUs and some things like gaming that specifically need CPUs with small amount of cores that are really fast computers are just to slow for what I need to do on them biggest problem being that computer is often focused to only 1 specific thing not multiple opposite things also alot of fast storage 8 to 10TB to start probably as im already at 6tb on a laptop also due to covid all the prices increased by 2 to 3 times the amount on everything is so expensive now

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    I don't even have money to buy PC parts. Yet here I am watching Just incase.

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    I only use full towers specifically just to put my feet up on them when reclining in my chair. I think people who put towers on top of the desk are weirdos.

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    Thanks for the very informative video! Another build guide suggested enabling AMD EXPO for your RAM prior to installing your OS. I'm not sure I remember if you mentioned this option. Maybe it's outside the scope of this guide?

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    One thing always confuses me with the grounding and clipping to a power supply.
    It says here (and I often hear) to clip to a power supply that's plugged in. Does this mean switched on at the wall too? (I'm not sure if you have on/off switches on your plug wall-plates over there, but in the UK every single socket has an on/off switch so it can be plugged in but not powered.

    If powered on at the wall, I'm guessing the power supply itself should be powered off?

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    I barely started the video and there are already good things happening! Ayyy!! Anthony is back! 😀 so are we eventually getting more Linux stuff again? I'm not sure when the last time was I saw him hosting a video but it feels like what? A year? Maybe even two? Regardless a lot of things happend in the Linux space in both time frames and it would be soooooo good to see him nerding over Linux again 😁

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    Gamer Nexus recommends the radiator tubs to be on the botton, and LTT on the top. What now?