How to Create AI Agent In a Few Clicks! No Code Needed…


  • @i12knowcoho16 on April 10, 2024


  • @118subbu on April 10, 2024

    That's mind blowing

  • @sergetheijspartner2005 on April 10, 2024

    But why does the thumbnail say "Goodbye GPT", if it can still use GPT and it is even used as an example of using it in your workflow??? Why do we allways have to trash existing technologies to make the tech your promoting look better when it isn't, it just uses ChatGPT (or any other LLM) in a more programmed efficient way, something a regular human can never do, It is good do not get me wrong, but it stood on the shoudlt of the chatGPT giant to get their, and I wouldn't trash the giant that helped you get there, it is kind of disrespectfull

  • @reiniervaneijk on April 10, 2024

    Great affiliate drop, but bro I'm just not sure of the value Vs. Zapier or make after your video…

  • @Durjoy_Roy_ on April 11, 2024

    Loved this!

  • @juniorheinrichs1599 on April 12, 2024

    Hello AI Master,

    I'm a big fan of your work and greatly value the insights you share about AI technology and its applications. I believe there's a substantial audience in Brazil who would benefit immensely from your tutorials and explanations. I am interested in partnering with you to translate and adapt your content into Portuguese, helping to spread this valuable information here. I am confident that your expertise would be extremely well received by the Portuguese-speaking community, and I am excited about the possibility of collaborating.

    Thank you for all your excellent work, and I look forward to the opportunity to bring your content to Brazil!

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    Just a commercial

  • @micha1208 on May 22, 2024

    Brilliant intel thanks so much. Just what I was looking for.

  • @paikountv4065 on May 25, 2024

    Can I create self-editors agents for specific tasks? What will be the knowledge base?