• @Tilt_TM on May 23, 2024

    I would love to see Linus sit down and have a talk with Dr K

  • @GlassDoorGuy on May 23, 2024

    Is Gamers Nexus a banned word still? Was hoping they mentioned them during the ASUS segment but not even a word 😀

  • @FerenzeeBlazingReapr on May 23, 2024

    1.22.34 – 1.22.43, the same thing that happened during the gamers nexus hit piece, and #metoo

  • @VaniikMZRY on May 23, 2024

    Making friends as an adult is a bitch and a half

  • @SoulfullyUnaware on May 23, 2024

    29:40 For us gays, Tinder is actually a dating site. Since we have apps like Grindr and Scruff, we don't need tinder to be a hook up app like the straights do. Plus, since men usually are the ones to fall for bots, there are some on the gay side, but they are easily spotted. Also, it's easy to tell a bot because a lot of the times it would just be a women's profile with no bio on the gay side which should be a red flag for anybody to see. The bot problem was really bad for a while, so I stopped using it, but I think it has gotten a little bit better. They even asked me if the bots were too much lol

  • @CHIEF_420 on May 23, 2024

    Yo voto por Biden y Harris para tener un democracia sin Trump la terrorista doméstico.
    Joe y Donald están candidatos malos, pero en tiempo, ellos no existen jajaja 🇺🇲⌚️

  • @DylRicho on May 23, 2024

    1,000,000%. Relationships were so much easier to form in school. It's much, much harder once school ends. For this reason, I haven't dated since I left school 10 years ago. As an introvert, the thought of approaching someone I don't know in person sounds extremely uncomfortable. And it's much harder to guess someone's age these days because a lot of people look older than they are. Frankly, it's much easier to use an app, or to avoid altogether.

  • @stephengris2988 on May 23, 2024

    44:11 30, single, watching WAN show… chuckles I’m in danger

  • @JF-xj3cu on May 24, 2024

    "How many companies are even left making games?" – thousands, Linus. LITERALLY thousands. It's not a bad standard to have to hold big studios like CDPR accountable, especially considering how "fixing" on consoles went. Especially on last gen consoles. Because they didn't fix the game, they got it into a working condition. This is not No Man's Sky where they went above and beyond, what CDPR did should be considered the bare minimum.

  • @XenoTravis on May 24, 2024

    Why can't someone be a fan of Intel?? What happened? I usually get Intel over ryzen because they are normally the best option.
    I guess I wouldn't mind going ryzen. If it was for graphic cards, I go nvidia just because it has always been nice and hassle free. Idk why anything AMD I have owned has had odd failures.

  • @micahv9365 on May 24, 2024

    Where’s the second half of the episode?

  • @apalladium5k on May 24, 2024

    Should bring back gaming cafes for dating.

  • @mikeallensonntag on May 24, 2024

    This apple photo leaking is a big issue. Goes to show you shouldn't use cloud storage.

  • @dalton6173 on May 24, 2024

    Y'all should look into the kinds of spam that people get on Google drive I'm just saying some of it isn't safe for work and One of the kids bring me my phone because it made a noise and that noise was a Google drive notification where if I didn't have my phone locked or was already logged in for a bit and set it down for a second well they could have easily have tapped that notification and seen things that they probably shouldn't. Also I don't remember telling Google drive that I wanted to be able to receive messages from anyone at all for any reason. Just saying that's not a service that you typically download to receive notifications from random other users. If I wanted that I'd go to Twitter Instagram or Facebook

  • @mikeallensonntag on May 24, 2024

    Lol linus wife planned getting him. That's funny. Linus your wife should participate more on video at ltt.

  • @dalton6173 on May 24, 2024

    You forgot to do the long-term calculations. Research and development is mild and will be augmented by the populace and there are millions and millions of individuals with some sort of disability therefore millions and millions of lifelong customers and they will most likely pass it down to their children and their children's children maybe not the exact methodology however the general concept will still be passed down with very little update from the original company which will profit off of sales of games or sales of updates to games or sales of microtransactions in games. Oh and also you know merchandising and movies and TV shows. Even soundtracks for different video games just sell the album of the soundtrack.

  • @dalton6173 on May 24, 2024

    I have absolutely no faith in any of these companies I mean they can't even program an algorithm to find copy and paste profiles that have the exact same profile or that literally have their cash app tag with send me money on cash app in their profile like they can't find profiles that are obviously telling people to send them money for this reason or that reason which is obviously a scam. Even if they want more fake accounts on there to keep you swiping more so that you end up spending more money there well if there's not enough real people actually responding and actually engaging with you then that's an issue. If you set the distance filter to a reasonable 20 mi and they start showing you people from 400 mi away or 150 mi away well that's an issue.

  • @mikeallensonntag on May 24, 2024

    Linus your wrong with that. Who the f cares why he wants Intel he bought a Intel Laptop and he should get a Intel. Some people prefer certain cpu…so what it's not fanboydom.

  • @MrAndrew123b on May 24, 2024

    Hot take: this isn't short, but all other shows are human centipede length

  • @miserablepile on May 24, 2024

    Apple: customers don’t know what they want, keep those photos

  • @sharpe_sam on May 24, 2024

    oh look

  • @sharpe_sam on May 24, 2024

    fake show? 25/05/24?

  • @samuelmcdonald3443 on May 25, 2024

    The shortness of this Wan show does make me sad. It wont help much with my 8 hour drive

  • @vakesh235 on May 25, 2024

    My engagement fell apart about 8 years ago and my mother says she feels it ruined long term relationships for me, because even though ive tried looking, tried using bumble, just things dont feel right.

  • @GremlinZ420 on May 25, 2024

    I was about to say we can be mad at Bethesda forever before the Bethesda comment lmao! CD fucked up but boycotting the company that gave us the goddamn Witcher in game form is definitely not the best idea. This isn’t Activision or Ubisoft, they made one BIG mistake but also they made a huge change from being purely The Witcher to a hugely different game like Cyberpunk, I can let it go since they fixed it because it isn’t a pattern for them at all.

  • @mysticseven6578 on May 26, 2024

    Linus: “You can’t just be like… YEE-HA!” (When talking about Americans.)
    Luke: “Well, they can.”
    Me: “You’re darn right I can. YEEEE-HAAA!!!”

  • @keithstokoe on May 27, 2024

    I just want you to know that I have never intently watched the WAN show. It comes up randomly after watching a completely unrelated video…. Love you guys

  • @NilsRohwer on May 27, 2024

    Yvonne should definitely be on the WAN show more often, Dan too!

  • @Emserz on May 27, 2024

    For meeting people I always thought it'd be a great idea to have printed out cards with just basic contact information for dating/social purposes.
    Then when you meet someone interesting; say hi, strike up a conversation, or even say as little as "hey you're cute, text me" and then give your card. It's a very low pressure approach, which can be applied in all sorts of situations including concerts. Make sure it's just a plain contact card so the purpose isn't obvious. Bonus points if it's so vague that it makes them curious about why you have it, and then talk around the subject if they ask.
    I never got around to actually doing it cause I found dates on Tinder at the time, but I really think it'd work.

  • @666Tomato666 on May 28, 2024

    about the iPhone pictures: from using PTP to a linux machine, I've noticed that iPhone will delete the JPG, but not the MP4 "moment" (those 4-5 second clips associated with the picture) when the picture is marked for deletion… system upgrade may be recovering that, not the actual photos (JPG files)

  • @trif55 on May 28, 2024

    Last windows everyone bought? I had a windows XP disk once, back from 2004, it either got damaged or didn't work on a reinstall or something, I then used 2 ugly hacked copies of windows 7 ultimate on 2 PCs for a decade after that, lol

  • @rogueskype2217 on May 28, 2024

    Yea I guess I'm just built different, I'm very happy just being comfortable, if I was linus I'd retire

  • @TheGooseman316 on May 28, 2024

    Wait, you guys also get Events & Adventures radio ads in Canada? 😂

  • @SudoYETI on May 29, 2024

    I'll date your sister Linus, I just gotta clear it with my wife first.

  • @Butterbean32 on May 31, 2024

    18:44 LOL

  • 18:20 the disabled community?