James Webb Space Telescope just found a planet with city lights – it might be a new Earth


  • @LeonedeBeaumont on April 13, 2024

    Will we now get news of artificial night lights and not click bait? 🤔

  • @dabway4118 on April 13, 2024

    4 hours…

  • @CATownsend777 on April 13, 2024

    There needs to be many more web telescopes moveing out in all directions, not just heading out in just one direction.

  • @blaincressman4693 on April 13, 2024

    Transformers! "Moer then meets the eye!" J.W.S.T. is the craziest telescope we have built, but it is just the beginning. Maybe we could use quantum mechanics to somehow entangle elements from a atmosphere so we could real time find out what is happening in the atmosphere not even having light year delay! Crazy, but super cool. You never know.

  • @CarGuyQuestions on April 13, 2024

    What happened to the bright side channels? Every video is just clickbait and the same information over and over..

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    There was no planet with city lights. Unsubbed.

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    Unsubscribed, great job to the person creating the click bait, it works great at getting people to ditch the channel 😂

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    Another unsubscribed

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    whateve nasa telling to people they lie no one can see heaven or Allah's home everything nasa telling to people is lie

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    Ever since I heard about artificial light on another planet I have been waiting to hear more info, then here comes this post but it's over three f ing hours long. Awwwg

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    What is the exoplanet names?

  • @DinnyDonbas on April 25, 2024

    This is Misinformation and Clickbait

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    And fjb is a barry puppet there too!!

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    bye iam switching my light off

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    It’s called earth. Dahh!😊

  • @jeremyberns3505 on May 4, 2024

    What if the blacknight satellite was the james webb telescope damaged and somehow leaked into our dimension metaverse. And maybe after studying it from a distance, we made an attempt to engineer the very same. Triggering a hole in time

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    Is this telescope seeing its own projection light energy caused by the telescope

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    One lie ht all

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    Unsubscribed. Was really sad to see you using Clickbait to get views

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    click bait

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    Terrible nonsense. I'm embarassed for the content creators. Phosphorus or bio chemical phenomena but you can't extrapolate ' city lights obviously. No one is going to watch the video All the way to the end or subscribe.

  • @ioanbota9397 on May 8, 2024

    Realy I like this video so so much its interestyng

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    All these sceintists are like doctor just a shot in the dark they have no idea.

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    I can’t watch this because of the title. so lame.

  • @Steger13 on May 8, 2024

    Glad i checked the comments knowing that this would be a click Bate vdo😅

  • @joaquinmenendez2059 on May 9, 2024

    It's much too soon to be tallking about colonizing other worlds of other stars, much less thinking about it.
    Biologically speaking, scientific studies of human DNA have revealed that the Human species has not changed or evolved one bit in the 250,000 years or less since Man's existence appeared on earth.
    According to Gregg Braden,
    "The human species showed up some 200,000 years ago as what we are now considered to be fully anatomically modern beings. The acronim used is AMH.
    The DNA of the anatomically modern human from 200,000 years ago compared to the DNA of today's humans has not changed.
    There has been research on the 2nd largest chromosome in the human body, which is 8% of all the DNA in each cell, and 50% larger than in any other primate.
    In human chromosome #2 is a gene called TBR1 which is largely responsible for this neo-cortex that we have.
    The 6th layer of the Neo-cortex has the mirror neurons that give us the ability to immediately learn in a lightning instant. Whoever or what created us is responsible for chromosome #2.
    In the national proceedings in the Acadamy of Sciences in the volume that's called genetics, they were able to determine that human chromosome #2 is the result of a fusion of 2 pre-existing chromosomes that were in other primates.
    They were fused in a way that give us these intelligent capabilities that we have now.
    Biologists will say that the fusion of DNA is common. It is common in the way that it typically happens, but what happened with us is not common.
    What typically happens is when DNA fuses you'll have two chromosomes and there will be a break for some reasons, it could be environmental toxins or radiation from the sun, something happens and the chromosomes break. So they break apart, and part of the chromosome is reabsorbed and what's left fuses together.
    What happens with us, when we look at chromosomes, on the end of chromosomes there are very special pieces of DNA called telemeres. They are protective caps that are also markers for longevity. So as we age we typically lose the telemeres.
    But the things that we are talking about allow us to actually regenerate them. So, those telemeres are on the ends of the chromosomes.
    But what happened to our chromosome #2 is that there were two chromosones fully intact that were fused so the telemeres are not only on the ends, now there are telemeres in the middle of that chromosome.
    And that does not commonly happen. And that is one of the telltale signs that there was something very very unique, you don't see that happening.
    As if that were not enough, after the fusion happened to stabilize this new chromosome and to make it more efficient, there are parts of the DNA that were added and there are parts that were taken away to streamline and stabilize that chromosome #2.
    And that all happened at once 200,000 years ago.
    This did not happen slowly, gradually over a long period of time. And the same time that was happenning chromosome #7 was altered to give us the ability for complex speech, connecting our toungue, our brain, and certain parts and certain muscles in our body and other chromosomes. So, the fact that these happened simultaneously, such complex changes so precise all at the same time, in scientific terminology if you have the odds of something happening are 10 to the 400th power scientists say that is pretty much impossible.
    When they look at the DNA that I'm talking about, these changes, they say the odds of this happening are 10 to the 600th power. Which means it's more than impossible that this happened by chance.
    The odds are greater than not that there has been some kind of intervention."
    Therefore, we have a long way to go, to finally figure out how to stop fighting with one another before we can go out in space to find intelligence that we can make peace with. Otherwise, Man's natural human trait of being a vicious and violent territorial species will only compromize our sincere intention of finding life.
    We can easily be considered the bad guys in space because that's the way it would turn out if we had the capability of interstellar travel.
    Until then, keep dreaming.

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    Its called earth

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    Skip to the end and you realise you are Clickbaited !

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    Aw, c'mon, all you other commenters down there! Oh, you're ALL so disappointed that no city, light years away, using (no doubt) incandescent lighting, has been actually discovered. NOBODY has a radio, tv, or reads the news?? You all think the very first venue to be aware of ground breaking science news is gonna be You Tube?? You wouldn't have heard about this all over the news?? OK, I clicked on this, myself, but I figured there'd be other interesting JWST stuff (just about ALL of which has already been shown in other videos, but…). It's still cool to look at thees old images.

  • @davidjenson4512 on May 9, 2024

    'Disappointing! I wanted to see a lit WalMart parking lot on a distant planet.

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    All lies it take life to create life

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    I clicked on "don''t recommed this channel"

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    Ffs stop space is already interesting enough without human Bullshilt click bait oh there's Street lights on earth is Webb pointed at us ?

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    I think it was a neon sign said pizza hut!

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    If you clicked this video thinking you were going to get a planet with city lights you are more so crazy than the maker of the video.

  • @HankSydney on May 13, 2024

    why these videos dont show exactly what the title say? this title has been read a few times. No clear videos are seen on it, videos go on n on explaining JWT, as other videos do, but not the title.

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    This made me think, the word "it might be".

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    Planet with city lights?
    Hahaha 😆 😂 😆
    Mythical science!
    They need to clean their telescope.

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    Do not Touch them they maybe Contaminated by all kinds of Corruptions❤❤

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