JUST IN: Scientists FEAR The Closest Black Hole Is More Active Than They Thought!


  • @anthonyWayne76 on April 26, 2024

    Been trying to tell folks..
    "We are Black hole" drifting..

  • @anthonyWayne76 on April 26, 2024

    All too exciting in a scary way 😅

  • @timothy8426 on April 26, 2024

    Magnetism, not gravity. Space itself is a weak external magnetic field filled with dark energy in repulsion from and to it. That is what magnets show. Equalization to force and distance. Space expands within mass as equalization to energy within and without. External magnetic fields don't ground currents into itself. Internal magnetic fields grounding like elements do. Hydrogen expands under extreme pressure into helium. Spheres of absolute zero energy within theoretically equalization to pressure as well. The nucleus expands in magnetic fields. Internal magnetic fields expand mass. External magnetic fields expand space. Equalization of force of pressure and distance traveling. External magnetic fields disolve mass near enough by neutralized repulsion outside as reduced pressure outwardly. Internal magnetic fields neutralize repulsion within as outward force of pressure. In space, mass is weightless outside of a greater magnetic field. So if proximity internal magnetic fields mass moves into external magnetic fields of reduced repulsion, outwardly proximity mass repels its energy outward by disolving. Theoretically factual probability that works with quantum physics without gravity. Magnetism bonding force of pressure and distance traveling equalization. Black spheres have no mass. They are pure repulsion within as absolute zero energy within. All energy of external magnetic fields magnetic fields are outside the perimeter of these spheres of galaxies generators. External magnetic fields rotate all energy in its external field in equalization to the energy spinning outwardly of its hurricane belt of pure energy neutralization of normal space filled with dark energy outside of entanglement of mass. Galaxies are equalized by pressure and distance traveling. External magnetic fields are hurricanes, and galaxies are driven by the core.

  • @cynthiabinder3730 on April 26, 2024


  • @melanconiasol102 on May 19, 2024