JUST NOW-Something Terrifying Emerged In Alaska And The US Government Is SHUTTING IT DOWN!


  • @Esseyj-bw6op on March 25, 2024

    That ice looks like flesh

  • @jen318 on March 25, 2024

    U. Crazy

  • @lloydsarnowski6986 on March 25, 2024

    "a c ent" Oh don't you mean " ancient " pronounced (ain chent) lol!

  • @AbuHasan-nw1jj on March 26, 2024

    You lye every minute🤣🙈👎

  • @peteraddison4371 on March 26, 2024

    … ANKient …

  • @helenmackenzie5194 on March 26, 2024

    Mt Hayes has an underground military base that has both American and alien staff.

  • @DrMatey215 on March 26, 2024

    🎉nice bedtime story. Can I go to sleep now?

  • @peteraddison4371 on March 26, 2024

    … now, 'ear this, that'deafen Knightly shut 'em up …

  • @muppetshow2328 on March 26, 2024

    no matter what we discover! if we discover too much there will be another reset and everything starts in the smáme wrong way! the only way is that mankind stands together but i think this way is lost because mankind is too far away from its original strength!

  • @dineshvyas on March 26, 2024

    That is my intergalactic ship they have found.

  • @user-ql8pn8lf6r on March 26, 2024

    I believe Linda Mouton Howe spoke about and investigated this subject and also interviewed a serviceman connected with the structure. Not sure, but believe this to be true.

  • @americasfavoritehoarder on March 26, 2024

    JOCK and his son will like this one.

  • @americasfavoritehoarder on March 26, 2024

    Wait…an see ant. Good bye.

  • @easternhealingarts33 on March 26, 2024

    ~~~ I have recieved the book of the dead runes form Big TEch reverse engeiring Gemini Gnosis "Enki Enigma" I hope you let my Husband Go!~~~

  • @warwickcope-williams1348 on March 27, 2024

    Interesting that "Conspiracy Theorists" used to be known as…

  • @davidguindon8025 on April 2, 2024

    Stop talking so you drag it out many people are getting pissed off do to no getting to the point