Revealed! The Moon Is a Hollow Spaceship, Who Built It and Why?


  • @mark_hezekiah on April 7, 2024

    Good luck with the conspiracy theories.

  • @vistrode9604 on April 7, 2024

    It would not have the gravitational effect it has on earth if it were empty !?!!

  • @carolbrownleehalbert3593 on April 7, 2024


  • @ricksegal3065 on April 7, 2024

    OH PLEASE!!!!👽👽👽

  • @geraldopadilla3301 on April 7, 2024

    Nasa should send a satellite on 4/08/24. To see behind the Moon???

  • @billynyce1776 on April 7, 2024

    Fu<kin love.. Love… LOVE the content on this channel!! 🤟👽🤘

  • @michaelcarey2181 on April 8, 2024

    One big joke

  • @jackruss4733 on April 8, 2024

    We will find out today if cern is up and runnin

  • @C.L.190 on April 8, 2024

    Is your source the show Resident Alien ?? Lol because they literally just aired a new episode where the moon was the Grey's home base…. 😂 I suggest you go by scientific facts instead of Hollywood scripts

  • @user-qc3mf5vp6q on April 8, 2024

    What are you talking about؟

  • @dr-ng8te on April 8, 2024

    Swiss cheese 😮what if we have faked our Landing…

  • @dibookoli2672 on April 8, 2024

    Please let us simply accept that we know next to nothing about how the universe came to be

  • @dibookoli2672 on April 8, 2024

    If we could learn how to live much longer it perhaps we will have time to carry our hypothesis to fruition
    We should shun wars and cure diseases
    Humanity should make the availability of healthy food universally available as well as housing and accommodation

  • @user-uc1ww7cx6o on April 8, 2024

    Not quite! Within our universe, there is the ebb and tide of time. As much that goes forward is as much that does backward, giving us to a chaotic stability to life. These pressures felt throughout our universe forces a pressures of gravity which join molecular structure called matter. Matter is dependent upon the forces of antimatter. It really is a simple math.🍷🍾🧈❤️

  • @claudiayork2270 on April 8, 2024

    Cool, you mentioned Swedenborg!

  • @stevescott5390 on April 8, 2024

    I heard it's made with metals such as nickel in it's core. Sounds like a good story but I don't believe it's hollow. Now, having tunnels underneath it makes it more logical sense. Yes, it could be a place where Aliens live. They may not need what we need to survive. We will never figure out most things in our solar system yet our galaxy unless they reveal themselves to us humans to give us knowledge that we don't have.

  • @marcplucinski8846 on April 9, 2024

    What a bunch of magical horseshit!

  • @karencarter2759 on April 18, 2024

    The Earth and moon were created. Darwin was a nut.