Scientists Are TERRIFIED As The Strongest Solar Storm of All Time JUST HIT USA!


  • @deanolazenby on May 13, 2024

    At 4:24 when you mentioned professor Brian Cox who is English why show the Scottish actor Brian Cox

  • @shekharkalley7431 on May 13, 2024

    telling a dijaster in smiling face

  • @susiea1419 on May 13, 2024

    Well that was a damp squib! All that happened was a beautiful display of the suns power. We are all still here and nothing was affected

  • @user-ql5kd5eg8q on May 13, 2024

    I was waiting for the earth to end and was disappointed

  • @gracelynnrosesoapsandmore969 on May 13, 2024

    There are no satellites in space! All the communications are under water. Cables and cables all over the earth from one continent to the next. So if it happens it’s not from space. The government done it.

  • @distractionsinthewind9976 on May 13, 2024

    In the past bad things happened such as wars, famines, diseases, volcanos, tsunamis, earthquakes, comets, asteroids, pole shifts, sun related sudden climate change, drought and various other extinction level cosmic events. This is exactly what it is to live on this planet.

  • @shoshannahbarojas9709 on May 13, 2024

    My arm hurts when it’s going to rain or snow it hurt so bad like when it was going to snow but more I broke my arm and have metal in it.

  • @Halfdan1 on May 13, 2024

    We are all gonna die!

    It's so powerful that EVERYONE is scared. No, you're scared too, shut up.

    We could see the internet set fire to people. It's bigger than anything we have ever seen since Halloween 21 years ago when nothing happened that you should remember unless you are one of the millions of Swedes that had to wait 2 hours before they could log in to their game servers. Mass suicides are expected.

    This could be the big one. This could leave us without Amazon Prime and Netflix for 3 maybe 4 days. Remember, if you have suicidal thoughts and are not sure what to do, might we suggest going on a binge consuming all the products bottled up and placed under your kitchen sink.

  • @makeminefreedom on May 14, 2024

    This is not the worst solar flare. The Carrington Event of 1859 caused telegraph lines to catch fire. Anything similar or worse would destroy all power and communication networks.

  • @AdaptEdgeInstatute on May 14, 2024

    We need a reset…

  • @cjhsuliman13 on May 14, 2024

    no major outages in my area yet but the current multi wave event is still ongoing.

  • @RoelofMalan on May 14, 2024

    The only "spewing" is the creator with his crapvomiting lies and doom to attract viewers Don't recommend channel, thumbs down 👎💩

  • @user-vl9xr6df2z on May 14, 2024

    Oh no now hold on dear . Now dat dare solar storm didn’t hurt my c.b. Radio signal any. What’s y’all talking about now.

  • @rickduvall9265 on May 14, 2024

    Frankly, if the power goes out, I don't have to go to work! So bring it on!

  • @davidarundel6187 on May 14, 2024

    If theyve hit yhe south of America , theres other plces on earth , which are getting some aazing sunsets from the Aboriaustralis ( thé southern lights ) .
    All this extra solar activity , is playing havoc with my damaged nerves , which aré going thru a lot of vit B group , and additional esseñtial minerals .

  • @Goldenhordemilo on May 14, 2024

    Yea g.

  • @Goldenhordemilo on May 14, 2024

    What about mars

  • @DARKWOLVES2710 on May 14, 2024


  • @AnthonyAnthony-tk4ye on May 14, 2024

    Solar storm, or Russia testing nukes like they said they were going to….?

  • @blingbling574 on May 14, 2024

    There have been stronger storms.

  • @victorjoseph8948 on May 15, 2024

    it will be blamed on the sun just watch. BUT will it be the true cause? I do not trust these narritives. evil hides behind mind programming to keep the people in the dark out of the true truth.?They use this science knowledge to keep people in ignorance.They possess technologies like weather manipulation HAARP and micro wave + Chem trails.

  • @jamesmarshall5899 on May 15, 2024

    Nothing as of yet but believe me it's all building up to the 27th of July 2024

  • @verogrant3105 on May 15, 2024

    Scientist don’t have any common sense in there head Educated idiots among us

  • @WatcherNine on May 15, 2024

    ….and yet, we're still here!

  • @pinksparkle1965love on May 16, 2024

    Thank you ❤