• @thenorseguy2495 on February 17, 2024

    It can’t be found. It’s probaly torn up in thousands if not million of pieces

  • @bonniemccord420 on February 17, 2024

    Would be nice if they found it, so the relatives know.

  • @carlyleporter5388 on February 17, 2024

    Malaysian. Wonder if mohammed or allah had anything to do with it?

  • @mrmelmba on February 18, 2024

    The captain input his own program into the plane's computer. It followed the course developed on his home simulator. Except that part of the system responded as if the plane was on the ground and opened the valves to let in fresh air. Oxygen masks did not drop down. No one even realized what had happened. Passengers were dozing on the night flight and seemed to have fallen asleep. Flight attendants were relaxing and seemed to be taking a nap. The first officer that went to get coffee stopped for a moment to chat and he, too, sat down and seemed to have dozed off. No one noticed as they all slipped into unconsciousness. The captain, too. What had meant to be a flight that put the first officer through the paces to determine if he really was as good as they believed, turned into disaster. The plane followed the course in its system until it ran out of fuel, all of its passengers having expired several hours before.

  • @bubbalo3388 on February 19, 2024

    Yeah right up there with they have an idea about where Amelia Earhart may be or what may of happened.

  • @nowthatsfunny1 on February 19, 2024

    The flight crew (stewards) need their own communication system to bypass the captain's in a time of emergency. Why don't they have this in planes?

  • @user-ej8yu7ml5c on February 19, 2024

    Simply – Captain Zahari did mass suicide. HE IS UGLY MURDER !!!

  • @JohnWalker-rt6ue on February 25, 2024

    “Good night MH370”
    Surely, the pilot should have said Good night ‘from’ MH370.
    Could this mean that the pilot had planned to disappear,, and was saying his final goodbye?

  • @mauricio471 on February 25, 2024

    Greetings from Jundiaí, Brazil.

    I really don't think neither the captain nor the co-pilot committed any kind of diabolical crime.

    I've watched many videos and documentaries about the disappearance of MH370.

    I could see that the pilot had many opportunities to do something sinister and he didn't need to fly six or seven hours to do so.

    If he wanted to commit a mass murder suicide as a politically motivation, why did he need to travel 6 or 7 hours ?

    It doesn't make any sense to me.

    Passengers travelling with stolen passports, a 20-minute-delay before realizing the plane's disappearance, a 4-hour delay to launch search and rescue operation, one Malaysian plane shot in Ukraine, a 2-year search in the wrong place, former Malaysian prime minister's visit in the United States to have a meeting and play golf with Barack Obama.

    Well, many controversial coincidences make me think that both the captain and the co-pilot are innocent in an ocean of lies. Inmarsat should have been the first to be consulted as soon as MH370 went missing,

  • @MrTommyboy68 on February 27, 2024

    The NSA knows EXACTLY where the plane is, just won't give it up so their capabilities remain unknown.

  • @MartinChen-zp4rl on March 2, 2024

    Keep hope alive.

  • @curtisfish7984 on March 3, 2024

    Lithium Ion batteries theory is a waste of time. Doesn’t explain how the various Boeing operational / tracking systems were turned off and back on again!!!

  • @robbynv9900 on March 3, 2024

    All airplanes should have tracking that no piolet has access to under any circumstance. Even if it has to be a backup tracking system the piolets are un aware of. With today's technology there is no excuse for any airline to go missing.

  • @user-ew4lm8hh6v on March 4, 2024

    Keep me posted if mh370 found, come on it is in the india Ocean guys ..

  • @user-ew4lm8hh6v on March 4, 2024

    This is why i don't fly the captain could killrd us all with out we knowing it… chilling shocking real story,my goodness Imagine what those people's go through,God rest all you your people's soul expect for the capital!! This story really pissed me off , captions like this killed all the passengers,what the Heck went wrong with this freaking captain at that times..

  • @darrelwestcott4986 on March 4, 2024

    Quite amazing, they have located it on the moon. I told them to look there years ago.

  • @salamsadar9032 on March 8, 2024


  • @Farrukhakhtar6Akhtar-ls9bl on March 8, 2024

    The main reason for disappearance of MH 370 was that it was carring American electronic command system to china .America has started dismantling its different war system from afganistan after it has started discussing withdrawal from afganistan with Taliban.The electronic command control system was dismantled and packed in containers and passing through pakistani road to kar achi port.The container was stolen in pakistan.The group who has stolen it has dealing with china.America was tracking the lost good.The smugglers shipped the system to Malaysia and from there it was to be sent to china.America got the clue and managed the pilots to land the plane at Diego garcia in Indian ocean.America got its cargo and many perished in this operation.

  • @GreenPartyofMalaysia on March 12, 2024

    MH17 waa also shot down, over Ukraine…

  • @KeithWilliams-xt1op on March 13, 2024

    Allen's are among us they have it in a safe place

  • @charlesm.1638 on March 18, 2024

    Wow, I can’t believe it has been 10 years now since the plane disappeared and lives lost.

  • @peterlaval945 on March 21, 2024

    If the data that suggests the MH370 had flown several hours into the Indian ocean after gone dark is true, then it must be flown by pilot. There are only two known pilots on the airplane, the Captain and Co-pilot. If these two are not responsible, then someone need to check all the passengers to see any pilot onboard or has been trained to fly this model of airplane. If a remote control had hijacked the plane, then check all the people who had worked on or contacted this plane to see what illegal activities might have carried out.

  • @SYNAPSom on March 25, 2024

    The most plausible explanation is that MH370 has been shot down during the military exercises conducted at the time in the region and a cover-up has been organized to avoid diplomatic and or financial repercussions.

  • @wa1ufo on March 28, 2024

    What about the flight engineer?

  • @maakamakana7007 on March 31, 2024

    you wont find it, but the last idea of near Garcia is the best, and concurs with my investigation..two Iranian passengers with fake passports and the silence from the yanks speaks volumns…this is no reason for a pilot to fly all the way to west australia to ditch in the water..its fake..the pings are fake..I believe the yanks at Garcia shot it down, and convinced all the governments and companies involved to play along..perhaps they even moved some of the plane and debris from the area….would not look good for Obama if he shot down a commerical airline….the rest is a fake..it doesnt just disappear unless you make it disappear, and have other make up a story of a looney pilot

  • @Alabanzas159 on April 8, 2024

    Blame the Energizer Bunny

  • @hoyh1262 on April 15, 2024


  • @KMDPTR on May 23, 2024

    Why didn't the military send up a fighter plane to get a visual on MH 370?

  • @namazzijane499 on May 23, 2024

    People are waiting to know exactly what happened but no proper answer and location 😕

  • @maritessalaba5672 on May 25, 2024

    If not for the fact that the pilot have not change its course in his flight he would not have encountered any military exercises going on and the lithium battery fear aboard in which its substance that could ignite heat would not enhanced it's heat ability when the plane have been hanged for several hours rotating so and so for many hours up there, as to when to land on! There must be a conduct of regular psychological and mental evaluation and examination to every pilot to evaluate his emotional & psychological state of mind and well being!

  • @Yummy._merrays. on May 27, 2024

  • @shambe2068 on May 27, 2024

    They should have checked the Maldivian waters. No flight ever flies that low in the Maldives it's the first time and these people they would never lie about they know what they see these things. Focul point should be this the American base in the Indian Ocean which will reveal it.

  • @christijerome2733 on May 28, 2024

    Of couse Blame the Rogue Pilot. He must be insane.

  • @rejoiceseember5962 on June 11, 2024

    That was spiritual, they was no valence or any reason for any of them to do what will take their life,that was highly spiritual, demonic powers were out sock blood and they succeeded and it was one person that was used.