• @MidsummerNightScream on February 29, 2024

    Ed is slowly becoming my fav, just randomly inserts jokes everywhere and shows his hardcore gaming side.

  • @Chaka2479 on February 29, 2024

    Bitcoin is Gold 2.0!

  • @Goalcheck on March 3, 2024

    Nice episode.
    Keep up the good work.
    Goooooo bitcoin

  • @paranoidhumanoid on March 11, 2024

    35:35 The narrative suggesting a mass exodus of businesses from states like NY, NJ, and CA to TX and FL is exaggerated, fueled by high-profile personalities and their chip-on-the-shoulder political agendas. The reality is that thriving businesses generally seek out the stability found in the Northeast corridor. Unlike areas frequently hit by tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes such as in TX and FL, NY/NJ offer a more predictable and stable environment. If insurance companies are even quitting the flood/hurricane/tornado heavy states, this often-overlooked aspect reinforces the attractiveness of New England states for sustaining long-term business growth.