The Big Tech Brain Drain


  • @333jjjjjj on February 3, 2024

    I don't agree with a lot of the claims in the first 2/3 or so of this video.

    Being a quant isn't dull or monotonous exactly. I would say it's more intellectually challenging than a lot of standard Big Tech roles. The drawback is that at the end of the day you aren't really building anything or doing something meaningful to society, unless you consider making markets more efficient a virtue in itself.

    I don't doubt the best of the best want to focus on AI, especially if it's a role with a lot of upside, but the bar for doing truly meaningful AI work is quite high.

    The narrative about people playing big tech offers off each other and aggressive recruiters was accurate in 2021 but I think is less so today. Now it's more hiring freezes and layoffs. You see some people making moves but many are just staying put.

  • @rohithkumarbandari on February 4, 2024

    Sad to see how many people have misconceptions that leetcode problems dont create good engineer.

  • @alex_lll on February 4, 2024

    Dude, you don't know what you're talking about.

  • @briangman3 on February 4, 2024

    Maybe their pretty bad morally

  • @RoIIingStoned on February 5, 2024

    Why do your self shots look fake

  • @rmcgraw7943 on February 5, 2024

    I know only 5 decent techs that work for big tech companies, and none of them are in the top 100 national rank of their forte field. Generally, only very young kids that like bean bags, pool tables, and ping pong tennis tables for perks work there, with the exception of their top techs, who are quite well compensated and have their own offices should they desire to even come in to the office. Experienced, expert techs don’t go to work to play games or sit on bean bags; they go to work, get things done, then go home to work on their own agenda, like family, their own code projects, etc. All of these companies have offered me jobs over the years and all of them rely on their trademark name to put them over others with names like Bank of America, USAA, AIG, etc., who pay much better and offer a much more professional work environment than the bean bag millennial playground.

  • @MercedesAshleyOnline on February 5, 2024

    I’ve learned to steer clear of corporate companies for any job. They are ruthless and treat their employees like crap.

  • @AlexanderRoempke on February 5, 2024

    Startups are the future. Motivated, talented people from all around the world.

  • @jimmyking92 on February 5, 2024

    Same thing can be said about the military officers (mainly air force and navy). Many leave because they know their skills and are being payed well by private companies.

  • @Alex_Cevi on February 5, 2024

    You hit the nail on the head with this video

  • @cherubin7th on February 6, 2024

    Working for bog tech would make me feel dirty.

  • @zollinoSVK on February 6, 2024

    hi would be someone so kind and let me know what movies were the scenes from in this video, please? Thank you.

  • @gryblk21 on February 7, 2024

    I think that, although many of these companies are American, they are run by some very narcissistic and autocratic people. If you value your freedom and independence, you should truly look elsewhere. Much of the allure of the tech industry is pure myth.

  • @Karuska22ps on February 7, 2024


  • @Working800 on February 11, 2024

    8:51, why are you dissing me?

  • @kuolettavaVids on February 11, 2024

    Is the audio track not in sync with the video, or is it just me?

  • @s81n on February 20, 2024

    Tech is its own worst enemy. Not offering junior roles to train up younger talent, leetcode (the WORST way to gauge a software developers skills), 4+ rounds of interviews for a single job….the list goes on and on.

  • @cgarzs on February 22, 2024

    It was always clear that the working pool behind YouselessTube for the last 5'ish years was a cesspit.
    But it is nice to know what to call them all now.

  • @platin2148 on March 1, 2024

    L6 or L7 means you aren’t a Software Developer anymore one is by then a manager.

  • @josiah5776 on March 2, 2024

    Hmmmm … couldn't possibly be because big tech pushes ideology over technology? No, couldn't be that.

  • @metrocartao on March 3, 2024

    A lot of brain power used to make money from advertisement and sell people's data. Isn't it time to solve other humanity problems?

  • @garybowler5946 on March 11, 2024

    Have you seen the layoff numbers coming out of big tech. They will always take a star, but how many really exist.

  • @Karyabs on March 14, 2024

    By brain drain, I thought I meant how big tech makes us stupid as we are spending more time staring at the screens instead of actually thinking

  • @roxannebrown3061 on April 2, 2024

    This is inevitable give their attitude toward their people and their obvious disregard for their destructive impact on the world.